Frequently Asked Questions

01. How would you describe your style of photography?

When it comes to my photography, I aim to capture colorful, soft, romantic, and soulful photos. I take a photo journalistic approach to the majority of what I shoot, meaning I don't want everything to seem too posed or uncomfortable. My favorite photos are the ones where you are just being your normal selves, laughing, smiling, and genuinely enjoying that moment you are in. That doesn't mean I won't coach you through the shots with some simple posing instructions, and I promise to try and make you feel as comfortable in front of the camera as possible! Natural light is my absolute favorite and it is what I specialize in, but I am able to use flash when the situation calls for it.

02. What are you talking about when you say film?

Many people believe I'm talking about live action videos and videography when I mention film. That is actually not what I'm talking about! Film photography is using rolls of film, like the stuff our parents and grandparents used for decades, to photograph my subjects. The stuff that you have to have developed from a negative. Yeah, that!

03. Why do you shoot film?

Film has a romantic, soulful look to it. Something digital just can't quite imitate even if I try my darnedest to get it to do so. Do you like what you see on my website? Many, many of those images were shot on film. Film allows me to slow down, focus on the most important aspects of the image, click the shutter button, and then move on to the next. With digital, so many people can just shoot to their heart's content, and yeah, they'll probably get a decent image in one of the 23 they took, but with film, you've only got so many frames on a roll and those frames are precious. You have to know what you're doing, and you have to do it well. Film gives me a joy that I can't quite describe, but I know I love and if you like my work, I know you will, too.

04. What time of day is best for my photos?

I prefer to work around the "golden hour," or the last couple of hours just before the sun sets and just after the sun rises. Lighting is most certainly one of the most important aspects of photography, and as a natural light photographer, the golden hour helps bring images to life!

05. When will I receive my photos after my session?

For every type of session with the exception of weddings, it typically takes me 2 to 4 weeks to edit and upload all of the images for you on an online gallery. For weddings, 6-8 weeks is required, but you may receive them before then!

06. How do I receive my photos?

For sessions other than weddings, I will give you your photos, all completely edited and ready via an online gallery. With the online gallery, you will be able to download the image files straight to your computer. For weddings, I will send a custom wooden USB with all of your wedding day images loaded on it. It will have two separate folders, one with photos ready for internet usage (a la, Facebook/Instagram) and the other folder will have photos that are specifically processed and sized for printing. I just ask that you kindly give me credit for the photos on social media if you do decide to share them there. Follow along on instagram @kristinarossphoto. You will have access to an online gallery for your wedding photos as well. You, your family, and your friends will be able to purchase an prints or images they would like from your wedding through that gallery, but you will not have access to download your wedding images directly from the gallery.

07. Will you help us build a timeline for our wedding day?

Yes! No matter if you do or do not have a wedding coordinator, I always put input from a photographer's perspective into the wedding day. It is very important to budget enough time for each portion of the wedding day and formal photos (bridal party, family, and the bride and groom) are no different. Also, I love building a photographer/client relationship, and communication is definitely important in that relationship. I want to be able to answer any questions or concerns you might have for your wedding day, as well as make sure you and your fiance are well educated on how influential the lighting and timing of everything will be on your wedding day.

08. Do you travel?

Yes! 100%, yes. Texas is a rather large state, so I am used to traveling for sessions and weddings. While I am based in College Station, a good portion of my weddings are in the major metroplexes around Texas. I am more than happy to come to you so don't hesitate to ask!

09. Do you offer wedding albums?

I do. Wedding albums are your very first family heirloom, and I truly believe they are an important part of your wedding photography process. I offer a variety of albums, and I would love to show them off to you.