Shelby | Photographer Portrait Session


I had so much fun with Shelby during her portrait session. We met up for coffee before planning everything out and talked about life, photography, and everything in between. I really love getting to know other creatives in this crazy industry. It's so easy to start doubting yourself or comparing yourself to the success of others, and I'm a true believer in community over competition. If we all lift each other up, rather than pushing each other down, we can create a growing and thriving community that's a place where people can feel comfortable being the person they are and be a successful business owner in the process. You can see Shelby's awesome work over at I can't wait to do my own session with Shelby really soon!


Shelby + Cody | Antique Rose Emporium Couples Session


Meet Shelby + Cody. These two lovebirds are high school sweethearts, so naturally I have a connection with them and their sweet, adorable love for each other. Shelby is also a photographer (I'll be sharing her photos from her portrait session later this week!), and she inquired about a session to update her headshots, as well as get a few of her and Cody out at one of her favorite places, the Antique Rose Emporium. I was so, so excited! We met up for coffee, talked about life, photography, and everything in between, and I knew from there on this girl was something special! I'm so excited to finally share these photos of Shelby + Cody! You can see more of Shelby's work here at 


Matt + Jenna | Pennsylvania Couples Session on Film

In February, I flew up to Pennsylvania to visit Matt and Jenna, and they were kind enough to let me try out my new medium format camera. It was quite the adventure, mostly because I literally had never even put a roll of film in it until then, let alone take an actual photograph with it. I was sure the scans would come back from the film lab terribly underexposed and awful, but to my surprise, I LOVED them. I definitely see room for improvement, but I'm so happy and excited about these! Matt and Jenna are really good at being in love, even after a stressful day of picking me up from the airport and planning her own styled shoot that was the very next day.  Marriage looks good on them. 

Shot on Canon EOS 1V & Pentax 645 with Portra 400. Scanned by the FIND Lab. 

Baby A | Newborn Session

I'm so excited to share these photos of the newest edition to my family. My cousin, Melissa and her husband, Brandon welcomed a new baby girl this April, and we couldn't be more in love with this precious gift from God. Enjoy a few shots from the little session I did while in Dallas meeting her for the first time.