waco senior portrait photographer

Sarah | Waco Connally Senior Session

First off, I can't believe this gorgeous girl is graduating from high school! Where has time gone?! Sarah is one of my dearest friend's little sister, and I have known her since she was a wee tyke! She is graduating from my high school alma matter,  Connally, and heading off to my college alma matter, Texas A&M. What, what! This girl knows where it's at! Sarah will be studying Biomedical Science at TAMU (smarty pants.. hehe!), and I am so, so excited for what the future holds for this amazing girl. I had so much fun during our session, and I'm so excited to share them on the blog today. 

Megan | Texas Tech University Senior Session

My beautiful Megan! We've been best friends since the 5th grade, and while our lives have taken us to different places, we always seem to find a little space of time to hangout here and there. Megan graduated last week with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and this hard workin' woman is going to be the one that saves your life, if you're in Waco that is! I'm so proud of all that she has accomplished, and I was so excited when she asked if I would take senior portraits for her. I got to do a double session with her and her sister, so it was double the fun. Love you Megan, and I know you will be one heck of an amazing nurse! 

Ashley | Baylor University Senior Session

Ashley graduated from Baylor University just over a week ago! What an absolute joy it was to capture her senior portraits in Downtown Waco and on the Baylor campus. We had such a fun time laughing, getting to know each other, and exploring some of our favorite parts of town. We even managed to take some at the Magnolia Market gardens! Ashley graduated with a degree in Sports Sponsorship and Sales, and spent three years in the Baylor Athletic Marketing Department, which pretty much means we're kindred spirits when it comes to our love of sports! Congratulations and good luck, Ashley! I know God has big plans for you! 

Lori | Waco Senior Portrait Session

Heading to Waco for sessions is always fun for me since it's my hometown and there's a lot of awesome memories there, so when Lori's mom told me that Lori wanted me to do her senior portraits, I couldn't have been more excited! We brainstormed ideas for her session and came up with a few different ideas that we all loved and that incorporated some of Lori's favorite things. Suspension Bridge = Waco icon, it's a must (and I mean look at that gorgeous light!). Lori loves the mural walls that have started popping up all over downtown and Starry Night, which is also a personal favorite of mine, was a fantastic choice. We then headed to some historic homes because Lori loves them, and one of the mansions off of Austin Ave was the perfect place for her pretty blue dress and point shoes. Finally, I've been wanting to find a good field in the Waco area with amazing light, and I think I might have discovered it! We got bonus point because it turned out to be a wheat field and Lori was really involved in Future Farmers of America in high school. Perfect! I had so much fun gallivanting around Waco with Lori and her mom, and I'm so excited to be sharing these photos!

Congratulations to Lori, I know she's excited to be graduating from Robinson High School in the next few weeks and to be heading to Aggieland (whoop!) at the end of the summer!