Haley | INSPIRD Nutrition


Haley is a friend of mine, a wonderful registered dietitian, owner of INSPIRD Nutrition, and an amazing cook! I was so honored when she asked me if I would take some professional portraits of her while she was down in Texas visiting family. I absolutely love her purpose behind her business, "Helping people find their definition of healthy." We are all different, but we can all strive to be healthy and live a lifestyle that allows you to love yourself for who you are! If you're in the Pittsburgh, PA area, or even just looking for yummy recipes, be sure to take a look at her website for encouragement, advise, and inspiration! You can find Haley at inspirdnutrition.com.


Meredith | College Station Portrait Session on Film

If you've been following my journey in photography for a while, you'll know I started shooting film here and there last spring, and most recently I purchased my very first medium format film camera. Before that camera came in, I went on a bit of a photo adventure when my good friend Meredith at a local park that's one of my favorites. I only brought my 35mm film camera to force myself to be confident and shoot with film, not digital. It's a scary thing, film. You've got to trust your skills because there's no display screen to tell you what you're doing wrong. Throughout this next year and beyond, I plan on offering sessions shot entirely in film. I don't think it's something I want to start implementing in my wedding work quite yet because wedding days vary sooo much. 

But, enough about that! Here are some photos from my "mini session" out with Meredith in January. I was giving her the in's and out's of shooting a camera in manual, and she was kind enough to do a little modeling for me to practice my film skills. What a fun day it was! 

Canon EOS 1V | Kodak Portra 400 | Scanned by The FIND Lab

Texas A&M Senior Photography | Mavish

When Mavish contacted me for her senior portrait session, I have to admit I was a little nervous. She wanted some professional head shots in studio, as well as natural light photos. I agreed to experiment a little, bought some studio equipment, and we went to work in my dining room (yup, I said dining room). I'm pretty excited at how the photos turned out, and I'm really glad to have been able to give Mavish some great head shots for her to use when applying for law school. After having some fun in my homemade studio, we went up to Texas A&M's campus for photos at the Administration Building, and then it was on to Navasota for classic Bluebonnet photos just as the sun was setting. 

Mavish will be graduating from Texas A&M University this May with a degree in Sociology, and plans on heading to law school afterwards! Also, this girl took four years of Latin! How cool is that?!