bryan engagement photographer

Karen + Tommy | Downtown Bryan Engagement Session

I met with Karen and Tommy for their engagement session in Downtown Bryan on Valentine's Day. When Karen asked me if I had any availability in February, the only date I still had open was Valentine's day, so I thought it would be a super cute memory for them to share in years to come and asked if they would be willing to meet up on the day of love. We grabbed a cup of coffee at my favorite little coffee spot at the moment, Harvest Cafe, and then we adventured out finding cozy little spots to capture their sweet relationship. They're pretty much amazing together! :) 

Bryan Engagement Session | Liam + Beth

For Beth and Liam's engagement session, we decided to visit two of their favorite spots in Bryan, Messina Hof and Lake Bryan. Both places were where their first couple of dates took place, and Lake Bryan is a pretty special place for them, as it's where Liam proposed to Beth. On an island, in the middle of Lake Bryan on a beautiful Sunday morning, with a message in a bottle.. could it get any better than that? Nope, I don't think so! I had so much fun with these two during their engagement session, and I can't wait to photograph their wedding this coming March. 

College Station Engagement Session | Sydney + Brandon

First things first, Sydney and Brandon are pretty much the most adorable couple ever. They just work so well together, and it was clear to me the entire session that they were made for each other. We explored Downtown Bryan for a bit and then made our way over to the TAMU campus to take a few (super romantic) photos in the fading evening light under the Century Tree. When I found out Sydney and Brandon were high school sweethearts, I was so, so excited! Having married my own high school sweetheart, I always have a ton of fun meeting and photographing people who met the love of their life in similar situations. Enjoy these two cuties engagement session! How freaking gorgeous are both of their smiles?! You can see why I was obsessing over them the entire session. 

Downtown Bryan Engagement Session | Alisha + Lincoln

Downtown Bryan is quickly becoming one of my favorite spots to shoot in the B/CS area; I fall in love more and more every time I shoot there. It has so many fun walls and secret little places. Don't get me wrong, I still love me some fields, trees, and all the flowers in the world, but sometimes you've got to go a bit more urban. I had so much fun with Alisha and Lincoln on a gorgeous Sunday evening. These two are so down to earth and personable, and we got a little creative at the very end with an old truck that was perfectly placed along the sidewalk for us! Thank you to whoever that belongs to, we appreciated it! I'm so excited with the way these turned out. Lincoln and Alisha are pretty darn good at being in love, hehe!