Old Baylor Park

Old Baylor Park Engagement Session | Eric & Cathy


Cathy and Eric were married this past Sunday, but I really loved their engagement session from this past spring and didn’t want to not post some of my favorites from their session. I had the best time hanging out with them and photographing their sweet relationship. We met up a few weeks before their session for coffee and sat talking about our lives, and ended up sitting there together for hours. I really do love it when that happens! Enjoy some of my favs from their sweet engagement session.


Old Baylor Park Engagement Session | Jesse & Allie


Jesse, Allie, and Lance met me out at Old Baylor Park in Independence for Jesse and Allie’s engagement session. The weather was quite chilly (that’s an understatement, it was cold and none of us could feel our fingers by the end of it!), but we had so much fun celebrating their sweet relationship before they become man and wife. Being the parents of a 7 year old is no joke, but they were happy to let Lance be his goofy self and it made for some sweet photos of their family of three. We are so excited to be there with them in October! Enjoy!


Old Baylor Park Engagement Session | Shelby & Cody


Eee! I’m so happy to finally share Shelby and Cody’s engagement session! When Shelby asked me to be their wedding photographer, I couldn’t have said yes faster. We’ve talked about these moments for so long now, and the fact that they’re finally here is crazy awesome. Shelby’s mom’s side of the family is from North Carolina, so we’re headed to a small town outside of Asheville for their big day in June! Curtis and I are both honored and so, so excited to be there with them on their day.

As for the engagement session, we had originally planned to do the whole thing at Pedernales Falls State Park outside of Dripping Springs, but…fate had other plans for us. We drove together for nearly 3 hours to reach the state park, we got out of the car, Shelby and Cody got changed into their first outfit of the session, we walked about a quarter of a mile down to the falls, and right as they came into view… it started raining. Not just tiny sprinkles that you could deal with..like full on rain shower, and there was no where to hide. We all felt gutted. It was one of those things that you just have to laugh about, otherwise you’ll just be far too upset over something so silly. (Note to self: bring umbrellas EVERYWHERE) So, we got back in the car to assess the damage done, and decided the only thing we really could do was head back to College Station. Basically, we took a very scenic route to Dripping Springs to eat at Schlotzsky’s, y’all. But, it was so much fun getting to hang out with Shelby and Cody, and get to know them even more!

Fast forward a few weeks, Shelby and Cody decided another trip to Pedernales wasn’t in the cards, so we went to one of my favorite spots near College Station, Old Baylor Park. We were blessed with the most beautiful sunshine and weather. It truly was dreamy! I’m so thankful for friends who trust me enough to be there with them on their wedding days and laugh about a rainstorm that made us drive 3 hours back home with wet hair and runny makeup (that would have been me.. I’m sure the lady at Schlotzsky’s was like.. wow, what is wrong with her?). Curtis and I are super excited to be the ones that capture such a special, special day for two amazing people. I CANNOT WAIT!!!