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College Station Engagement Session | Laura & Taylor

Laura and Taylor are THE cutest, y’all. I LOVE that they love to love on each other! It made my job pretty darn easy for their engagement session. After dating long distance, they are finally in the same state and super excited to get married next May at Peach Creek Ranch. I loved hearing about Taylor’s proposal to Laura in Tennessee and about their sweet families, but most of all, I really enjoyed being able to hang out with them and get to know them a bit better. Summertime engagement sessions in Texas can be hot and humid, but that Texas sunlight makes it all worth it. Seriously.. those wildflower photos are some of my absolute favorite from this year!!


5 Reasons to Schedule a Bridal Session

What is a bridal session? Do I need to have one? The question of whether to do a bridal session or not comes up fairly often in wedding consultations before booking. Many people don’t know the exact reasoning behind the tradition and are curious if it is something I do often for other brides. I would say about 60% of my brides have a bridal session that is separate from their wedding day. The tradition behind the portrait session is a sweet reminder of years past, but there are practicalities to it that we can appreciate in the 21st century.

First, let’s dive into the history of the bridal portrait. I love history, a lot. I nearly minored in it in college, so it’s one of the reasons I love bridal sessions so much. Bridal portraits were traditionally commissioned by royalty and wealthy families in Europe to commemorate the special time in their daughter’s and family’s life. Photography became a more affordable medium, and so families began having portraits taken of their daughters before their wedding days, as it wasn’t very common prior to World War II to have a photographer at wedding on the day-of. Even after it become commonplace for photographers to capture portions of the wedding day, the Southern tradition of bridal portraits prior to the wedding stayed, and now many times these portraits taken before the wedding are displayed at the reception. I love seeing bridal portraits hanging in family homes, especially when you’re able to see generations of women in your family. How special is that?!

Now, let’s get to the practical reasons!

  1. Hair and Makeup Trial: Many brides have their hair and makeup done professionally on the wedding day, and often they do a trail with their hair and makeup artist before the wedding. Why not use that trial as an opportunity for photos? You’re already all dolled up, it just makes sense.

  2. Bouquet Trial: Along with a makeup and hair trial, many times brides use the bridal session as a trail for their florist to make their bouquet. It’s hard to know what exactly you want in a bouquet, and many times creating a bouquet for the bridal session helps brides know what they want and what they do not want their bouquet to look like. You do have to consider some flowers may or may not be in season at the time of your bridal session, so that’s something to discuss with your florist. But, who doesn’t love a beautiful bouquet of flowers? Plus, you get to enjoy them all week long, unlike the ones for your wedding day.

  3. Dress Fitting: Bridal sessions are a wonderful opportunity to see everything come together for your bridal “look.” You finally see yourself in full hair and makeup with your dress, veil, and jewelry on. It’s quite a magical moment! You will get the chance to move around and feel what being in your dress will feel like on the wedding day, and it helps you determine if something is not fitting quite right or if it’s perfect!

  4. Enjoying your time as a bride, a bit more stress-free: I try to help create a low stress environment on the wedding day, but nerves and occasional unforeseen events can get in the way of that sometimes. Bridal sessions are a spectacular way to truly enjoy these sweet and fleeting moments as a bride. Many brides bring their moms, sisters, and best friends along to the session, and that helps create a fun and memorable event.

  5. Giving your photographer an opportunity to scope out your venue: Many brides choose to do their bridal session at their wedding venue. This gives the photographer a great opportunity to explore and see the venue, whether it be for the very first time or the 50th time. I often find new photo spots when doing sessions that I wouldn’t have had time to find on wedding days because of the fast-paced nature of the day.

These are just some of the reasons a bridal session may be right for you. If you’d like to know more about the process or what goes into a session, you can email me at kristina[at]kristinarossphotography[dot]com.

In the mood for some pretty bridal sessions? Be sure to take a look at a few of my favorite past bridal sessions linked below.







The 25 Most Popular Wedding Venues in the Bryan-College Station Area

Here’s a list of venues in Bryan and College Station, Texas, with a few other surrounding areas thrown in. Our area is seriously so lucky to have so many great options for weddings. From barns, to industrial spaces, to traditional elegant ballrooms, to historic homes, to the wide open Texas landscape, we’ve got it all, which is something many other smaller cities like our’s can’t say. We’ve shot at almost every venue in the BCS and surrounding area, so if you have any questions or would like my thoughts on a particular venue, don’t hesitate to contact me. For more wedding info, you can click here!

Venues are in no particular order of my own personal preference. They are listed alphabetically.

Indoor/Outdoor Wedding Venues:

These are venues that have both indoor and outdoor options for your wedding ceremony. They have great “in-case of rain” plans.

  1. Broken Arrow Ranch

  2. Brownstone Reserve

  3. Inn at Quarry Ridge

  4. Peach Creek Ranch


Indoor Wedding Venues:

These are venues where the ceremony and reception both take place indoors. There are also beautiful outdoor areas for formal bride and groom and bridal party photos.

5. Big Sky Barn

6. The Carriage House

7. The Chandelier Room

8. Downtown 202

9. The Gin at Hidalgo Falls

10. Olde Dobbin Station

11. Pebble Creek Country Club

12. The Traditions Club

Outdoor Wedding Venues:

These venues focus on outdoor wedding ceremonies, and some even have excellent spaces for outdoor receptions. Almost all of them have indoor reception spaces (hello Texas summers!).

13. 7F Lodge

14. The Amish Barn at Edge

15. The Antique Rose Emporium

16. Astin Mansion

17. Double Creek Crossing

18. Messina Hof

19. Moore Ranch on the Brazos

20. Ronin

21. Wind Dancer Retreat


Hotels for Getting Ready In (and perhaps having your wedding at!)

These hotels are some of the most beautiful in College Station.

22. Cavalry Court

23. The George

24. The Hilton College Station

25. The Stella Hotel