Lesley | Big Sky Barn Bridal Session

I am so excited to finally share a few photos from Lesley's gorgeous bridal session at Big Sky Barn in Montgomery, Texas. I had such a wonderful afternoon with Lesley, her mom, and her best friend. Bridals are always a favorite of mine because they're so relaxed and even though it was scorching outside, we made some beautiful photographs! Big Sky Barn is an amazing venue, and I was pretty darn excited when Lesley decided to do her bridal session there. From the bridal suite to the chapel to the amazing bridge, it's all what we photographer's dream of in a venue! I loved Lesley's wedding dress. It never ceases to amaze me how my brides can find the perfect dress that fits them and their personalities! Oh, and that amazing braid was done by the talented Anna DeLong. I cannot wait to share more from Lesley's wedding day soon! It was perfect, y'all!