Ashley | The Vine at New Ulm Bridal Session


So excited to be sharing Ashley’s gorgeous bridal session at The Vine at New Ulm. When Ashley told me about where she and Ben would be getting married, I hadn’t heard of it before because it was a brand new venue about an hour and a half south of College Station, but when I looked into it more, I grew more and more excited about their wedding day there. When Ash said she wanted to do her bridals at the Vine, I was happy to have the opportunity to explore a bit and see the venue for myself. It didn’t disappoint! Nor did Ashley in her gorgeous, gorgeous wedding gown and that veil! Ashley called it a bit extra, but it was so perfectly made for her in that dress! Happy to finally be able to share these gorgeous images of such a stunning bride!


Ashley & Ben | Bull Creek Engagement Session

You guys. Ben and Ashley are getting married tomorrow. I love these two so much, and I am so, so excited to see them with all of their people celebrating one of the best days of their lives. It’s super crazy to think I met them two years ago for a couple’s session to capture their time together during college before Ben moved to El Paso, and then a few months later Ben asked me to photograph his proposal at the end of last year. And nowwwwww, their day is finally here!

For their proper engagement session, we met at Bull Creek in Austin, which is their new home (they just finished building a house, talk about exciting times!!). B, my baby boy, was super tiny at the time, so Curtis came along and had a bit of daddy/son time at the park while I explored with Ben, Ashley, and her sister, Avery — who was the best assistant ever! We had great light, Ash had an amaaaazing dress, and Ben had the sweetest smile. Recipe for perfection. Enjoy some of my favs from their session! I can’t wait to see what they’ve planned for tomorrow. I know it’s going to be full of gorgeous details, but most importantly, I know it’s going to be filled with so much emotion and joy. I’ll be sharing Ashley’s bridals at the beginning of next week, so be sure to come back for that! And I’ll be sharing sneak peeks from their wedding day on my instagram, @kristinarossphoto!


Edinburgh, Scotland | Travel

Time for another installment of the KRP travelogue. Of which I haven’t contributed to since last October. I suppose this is what happens to a photographer’s blogs once you have a baby! On this post, I’ll be sharing photos from our time in Edinburgh, Scotland. We visited for a very brief two days in May of 2017, and those two days had a big impact on both of us!

Curtis and I have been dreaming about returning to Edinburgh since we boarded the train to leave it and head to London during our trip last spring. It was that amazing. We loved everything about it. We loved the architecture.. because I mean, just look at it, there is no where else like it! We loved that it wasn’t too big. If I’m being honest, London drove both of us nuts because it was just so incredibly crowded all the ding dang time. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still obsessed with London, but you try riding the Tube at rush hour. It's enough to make a person feel a wee bit mad! We loved the friendliness of the Scottish people. And we loved the history and sense of adventure we felt every time we rounded a corner. From tea in Edinburgh Castle to walks through Dean Village, I loved every single second we spent in Edinburgh, and I cannot wait until we make it back one day!


Below are some images of St Giles Cathedral. It was stunning! I loved finding a quiet corner and just sitting to take it all in. It’s sort of surreal getting to sit inside a building that looks like it could be in a medieval movie.

We headed to Edinburgh Castle right when it opened in the morning. Pro-tip, head to the crown jewels first thing in the morning and you won’t have to feel super cramped while looking at them! We really enjoyed our time in the castle. It was like it’s own little town in there and the views were spectacular.


The photos above are from a little part of town called Dean Village. I saw it while researching Edinburgh and was like.. yup, we have to go there. It was even more wonderful and fairy tale-like in person.

We also walked through quite a few graveyards. Anyone else fascinated by them? It’s weird, but I love the history of it all. Definitely not going at night time though, ha! We also had breakfast in the Elephant House, the place where JK Rowling wrote a good portion of the first Harry Potter book. We’re both huge HP nerds, so naturally it was a must.