Beth + Liam | Antique Rose Emporium Wedding

Wedding season 2016 is officially in full gear over here at Kristina Ross Photography. 5 weddings in 5 weeks was enough to make my heart burst with delight and I can’t wait to blog it all!

My first wedding of the spring season was Beth + Liam’s at the Antique Rose Emporium, and I have to say, I think it is one of my absolute favorite venues. I have a thing for English gardens, and this is as close as it gets in Texas. Beth’s inspiration that started it all was the little purple thistle-like flower in the bouquets, and it just went from there! It’s so crazy awesome to think that such a small detail could have such a big impact, but every detail was absolutely stunning.

Beth + Liam are the kind of couple that make you just a little bit jealous with just how much love and affection they have for each other, but as a wedding photographer, that’s quite alright with me! Their smiles were contagious, and their happiness and that of their family exuded all day long. Weddings like Beth and Liam’s are what make this job the best job in the world for me! There was so much love, joy, and happiness in that place on March 26th, and Curtis and I left with those same exact same feelings! Enjoy this beautiful wedding, and while you’re at it, make sure to check out Beth’s gorgeous bridal session, which was also at the Antique Rose Emporium.