Denton Wedding Photography | Amanda + Travis

Amanda and Travis were married in the Little Chapel in the Woods on the campus of Texas Women's University this past October. When I first chatted on the phone with Amanda about my wedding photography, she was convinced I was the photographer for her, which I have to admit is a really great feeling. From the very start I knew we'd get along, sometimes people just click, and we did.  Amanda and Travis live in Southern California, but her roots and family are in North Texas, so it was natural for her to get married in one of her favorite cities, Denton. When the day finally arrived, I discovered just how thoughtful and kind Amanda is; she put so much time, thought, and detail into all of her gifts to her bridesmaids and her beloved Travis. I'm a pretty nerdy person (Harry Potter for the win!), so I was so, so excited to see all the fun details Amanda had come up with for the day. Their reception was held at the Oak Street Draft House just a few blocks from TWU, and I have to say, my hipster heart was happy when we drove up. It was a beautiful October night, and the setting was so incredibly perfect for a laid-back, fun reception. We had so much fun celebrating and capturing Amanda and Travis' wedding day. Enjoy this little look into the beginning of their lives together. 


Side note: That greenhouse. I swoon.