Texas | Personal Files

Below is the start of a collection. 

I've had the idea of creating a book of photographs of Texas, for myself mainly, for quite awhile now.  I moved to the Brazos Valley in 2010, and to be honest, I haven't really explored it too much. The majority of my time spent here has been full of studying for exams and worrying about what I'm going to write in a research paper. But, life has slowed down a tiny bit lately, and I've been wanting to take a long drive just to give myself the chance to stop wherever I would like along the way to take photos of this and that. It's quite a peaceful thing to do. Texas back roads are what this kind of photography was made for; there are SO many things to see. 

In these photos, I drove a 35 mile stretch from my house to Washington-on-the-Brazos to Navasota in about two and a half hours. I saw a small area of Texas that I probably would have never even thought to see before this. Washington-on-the-Brazos is in Washington, Texas; it is now a state park and is where Texas signed it's declaration of independence from Mexico in 1836, becoming the Republic of Texas. I may have known that back in 7th grade in Texas History, but I had forgotten and was quite surprised to stumble upon it when deciding to turn into the state park on a whim. 

I was planning on heading to Brenham after visiting Washington, but the sun was starting to set and I didn't really want to drive back home in the dark, so I turned right instead of left and headed to Navasota. It's not necessarily the most interesting town there ever was, but it's filled with historic buildings and beautiful architecture that I've come to appreciate when visiting older Texas towns.  Navasota played a large role for the Confederate army during the Civil War as a shipping and marketing town. 

I'll be posting these posts as often as I can. I plan on heading to Anderson, Brenham, and Round Top, Texas next! Happy adventures my friends.