Wacotown | Personal Files

There are days where I yearn for my hometown. Don't get me wrong, I do love Aggieland, but.. sometimes you just need home and the family that lives there. Since moving away from Waco in 2010, I've noticed quite a lot of changes over the past four years, and I have to say, I'm really, really excited about what Waco is turning into. Even if I do have to thank Baylor University for some of it, hehe.

Downtown is being transformed into the thriving place that it used to be long before I was even born. There's a farmer's market, a real farmer's market! As seen in the photos below, I couldn't believe all the gorgeous colors of the veggies. I'm going to be cookin' up some okra pretty soon, and I managed to grab some yellow squash and zucchini. There are so many new restaurants downtown, plus some really amazing shops - a la Spice Villages. Seriously, can I have everything in there?! Yesterday afternoon, I went with my parents and Muggles down to the farmer's market, then it was on to Spice (after taking the beagle girl and the veggies back home), and then to Jake's for some delicious burgers for lunch. Wacotown (also a new thing since I moved..), you're pretty awesome. Hopefully we'll get to come back to you for real one day. But.. I'll still be making the trek back to Aggieland and Kyle Field on Saturdays in the fall! 

Enjoy the photos from my Saturday morning in Waco!