Margot + Nate | The White Sparrow Wedding

Nate and Margot's wedding was one of those weddings that sticks in my memory really, really well. It was such a joyful day that I got a bit teary-eyed while putting this blog post together. From the first moment I met Nate and Margot at a coffee shop in Bryan, I knew three things: they had servant's hearts, they loved each other with a passion that was obvious, and their wedding was something I wanted to be a part of. They told me their love story in detail, which isn't something I always get to hear (pro tip: I love hearing about your story, so please, don't hesitate to ramble). But not only that, they wanted to get to know me, to hear my story, and it just reaffirmed the feeling I had when they first walked into the room. Nate and Margot had a quick engagement and were married on a beautiful February day at the White Sparrow Barn in Quilan, Texas. If you've never seen this place before.. well, it's something special. The detail and love that went into designing and building it is amazing, and it was the perfect place for a wonderful couple like these two to get married in. Those windows have the same effect as a beautiful chapel. They're just my favorite. So much love went into this wedding day, and I hope I was able to capture it in the way God intended me to because it was a truly wonderful day. So, I preset to you without further ado.. Nate and Margot's wedding day! 

Michelle + Joshua | Texas A&M Engagement Session

Meet Michelle and Josh! I'm super excited to be photographing their wedding this weekend at the Carriage House in Conroe! For their engagement session, Michelle wanted to shoot at the place they met and fell in love: Texas A&M. All of the locations have meaning to them both, and it's really sweet that they put so much thought into it. Obviously there's the Century Tree, a TAMU romance staple. The legend is if you walk under the tree together, you'll be together forever, which is why you'll see people strategically avoiding it when walking from class to class as well as elaborate proposals with a full Corps of Cadet saber arch. We went to Kyle Field (always lots of fun) because it's a place they hold very dear and many fun times were had there. And finally, we shot at Research Park, a place Michelle and Josh went to often on dates and just to hangout. Oh, and they brought their fencing sabers along for a few shots because it's a passion they both share and did while in college. I can't wait to see what this Saturday has in store for them! 

Glencoe, Fort William & the Scottish Highlands | Travel

This blog post is full of a bunch of landscapes because well.. that's pretty much what I was consumed with once we arrived in the Scottish Highlands. After landing in London, we spent our first day there exploring the city (you can see photos from our first day in London on this post), but we were really excited to get on our train up to Scotland and spend a few days soaking in the natural beauty of a country we've been dying to visit for a long time. 

We arrived in Fort William fairly early in the morning and trekked to our rental car (a story for another day... it wasn't my moment of shining glory). I had requested a mid-sized sedan, we received a VW Golf. Not exactly mid-sized to us Americans, but it did the job. After figuring out how to drive on the opposite side of the road (terrifying), we made our way slightly south to Glencoe. Now, if you've ever watched James Bond's Skye Fall, you'll have seen this magnificent landscape as Bond and M made their way up to Bond's family home towards the end of the film. First, I love me some 007. Second, the moment I saw that scene, I had to figure out where on earth that was. Third, once I knew it was Glencoe, I made a mental note to my bucket list to see it for myself. And it did not disappoint! We weren't there very long because our drive to the Isle of Skye was going to take us quite a while, but it was well worth the extra 35 minutes to see such an amazing landscape. 

After a short hike and a couple of stops through Glencoe, we made our way back to Fort William for lunch and to find me an authentic Scottish wool tartan scarf. Ft William is definitely a place I would have liked to had more time in. It's such a quaint little town. We then started our journey through the highlands up to the Isle of Skye where we'd be spending the next 3 days. There were many, many stops along the way at lochs, mountain ranges, and perhaps even a little stop for the bathroom because well.. there weren't many public restrooms along the way. 


Eilean Donan Castle was another item on our bucket list. Unfortunately, we didn't make it in time to head inside the castle, but we did get to have the entire grounds to ourselves for a time. When we first got to the castle, there were quite a few tourists hanging about, but some rain came through and everyone deserted the area for the shelter of their cars. We just decided to wait it out under the castle door's archway and portcullis, and got to explore once the rain all by ourselves. It was pretty magical, minus the hiding our camera gear in our coats. That was a little annoying. But, seriously, one of the most beautiful and magical places I've ever had the chance to experience and I'm so glad we took our time to explore such a beautiful country. 


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