Frequently Asked Questions

How would you describe your style of photography?

When it comes to my photography, I aim to capture colorful, soft, romantic, and soulful photos. I take a photo journalistic approach to the majority of what I shoot, meaning I don't want everything to seem too posed or uncomfortable. My favorite photos are the ones where you are just being your normal selves, laughing, smiling, and genuinely enjoying that moment you are in. That doesn't mean I won't coach you through the shots with some simple posing instructions, and I promise to try and make you feel as comfortable in front of the camera as possible! Natural light is my absolute favorite and it is what I specialize in, but I am able to use flash when the situation calls for it. 

What time of day is best for my photos? 

I prefer to work around the "golden hour," or the last couple of hours just before the sun sets and just after the sun rises. Lighting is most certainly one of the most important aspects of photography, and as a natural light photographer, the golden hour helps bring images to life!

When will I receive my photos after my session?  

For every type of session with the exception of weddings, it typically takes me 2 to 4 weeks to edit and upload all of the images for you on an online gallery. For weddings, 6-8 weeks is required, but you may receive them before then!

How do I receive my photos?

For sessions other than weddings, I will give you your photos, all completely edited and ready via an online gallery. With the online gallery, you will be able to download the image files straight to your computer. For weddings, I will send a custom wooden USB with all of your wedding day images loaded on it. It was have two separate files, one with photos ready for internet usage (a la, Facebook/Instagram). I just ask that you kindly give me credit for the photos on social media. The second file will have photos that are specifically processed for printing. Also, I will share 100 of the "best" photos from your wedding and/or session in a gallery online, you can download them from there and order prints online through the gallery. If your wedding package does not include an online gallery, there will be an additional fee if you would like all of your images to be easily accessible to share with your family and friends in an online gallery.

Is editing included in the price already?

Yes, absolutely! It is quite the process to edit and deliver images because I want them to be the best version of the image possible. All of the images you will receive will be hand edited individually by your's truly. 

Will you help us build a timeline for our wedding day? 

Yes! No matter if you do or don't have a wedding coordinator, I always put input from a photographer's perspective into the wedding day. Also, I love building a photographer/client relationship, and communication is definitely important in that relationship. I want to be able to answer any questions or concerns you might have for your wedding day, as well as make sure you and your fiance are well educated on how influential the lighting and timing of everything will be on your wedding day. 

What should I wear? 

While I am a true believer in my subjects being themselves as much as possible and wearing what fits their style and personality best, there's nothing wrong with a little guidance and input! I have a Pinterest board that will help you answer this question. But, a few general tips are: dress like yourself, make sure you're comfortable in what you're wearing, no crazy colors, patterns, or graphics. Coordinate with colors that compliment each other, but please don't match exactly. 

Where will we shoot?

As noted earlier, I'm a natural light photographer, which means I generally enjoy any outdoor space you can find with gorgeous scenery. I love fields, oak trees, piney woods, bodies of water of any kind, and downtown/urban areas. Most importantly though, I want to go to a place that special to you. If that means heading out to your family's ranch or hiking out to a specific spot that you adore, I am all for it! I also love indoor locations with beautiful, natural window light. They are especially perfect for bridal shoots. 

Do you travel?

Yes! 100%, yes. Texas is a rather large state, so I am used to traveling for sessions and weddings. While I am based in College Station, a good portion of my weddings are in the major metroplexes around Texas. I am more than happy to come to you! 

Are we a good fit? 

As a former bride myself, I know how vitally important it is to chose the right photographer for you and your fiance. There are so many photographers out there to choose from, but one of the most important things is that you're comfortable with and feel confident around the person that is taking photos of you! That might seem a little too obvious, but I truly want you to have the best wedding experience possible and hiring someone you mesh well with is oh so important. To help you think about this decision, I've complied a list of things I adore when it comes to my clients and what to expect when we're together, as well as somethings to not expect when choosing me as your photographer. 

We may not be a good fit if:

  • You prefer indoor locations and flash photography
  • You don't like my natural, film-infused, romantic editing style 
  • You aren't as concerned with bride & groom portraits on your wedding day
  • You refuse to come out of your shell in front of the camera
  • You don't really care about the relationship you have with your photographer
  • The small details on your wedding day and in life aren't very important to you
  • You have to have control every moment of the day
  • You can't have a little fun and let loose 
  • You don't like Pinterest or Instagram
  • You don't like reliving memories through prints and albums
  • You don't like photos where you are not looking at the camera
  • You like a lot of props in a photos session
  • You don't like the outdoors 
  • You are worried about getting a little dirty or sweating (I'm sorry guys, it's Texas)
  • You don't like exploring and getting the most out of your session

We're a good fit if:

  • You and your fiance love to love on each other
  • You like what you see on my website
  • You want to make time for your bride & groom portraits on your wedding day
  • You and your fiance are best friends
  • You want to be friends and have a relationship with me
  • You like the small things in life and the details on your wedding day are important
  • You can go with the flow if things become out of your control
  • You love to laugh and have a good sense of humor
  • You love natural light photography
  • You love soft, romantic portraits
  • You like handwritten notes
  • You love the outdoors
  • You like candid photos that show your emotions
  • You can place your trust in me as your photographer
  • You are up for an adventure